What to Bring

What to Bring
The most important things to bring along are a positive, can-do attitude and a sense of humor. With those two traits you can tackle just about anything—including kayaking. We are fairly certain, however, that you would like more specific essentials… here they are:

0THE LISTAqua Socks, water shoes, or booties (No Sneakers nor Sandals!)
Eyeglass straps (important if you wear glasses!)
Bathing attire
Fleece top or woolen sweater (No cotton!)
Any foods that you need for a specialized diet
Waterproof sunscreen
Windbreaker of any kind
Hat with a visor
Change of clothes

What We Provide

ACA Certified Whitewater Kayaking Instruction
Paddle Jackets
Spray Skirt
PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
Dry Bags for important personal stuff

Kayaking doesn’t require a lot of gear—once you have the basics, you can go anywhere! It is a rather inexpensive sport as you will find out—unless of course you have to buy a new kayak every year just because you want the latest and greatest!