Swiftwater Rescue

Mike Mather, Mather Rescue


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IMG_1849“A rope is an evil serpent in moving water that will wrap itself around your leg and do bad things…” Such is the doctrine of Mike Mather, currently one of the world’s foremost Swiftwater Rescue Instructors. In the words of one swiftwater rescue fan, “Mather is The Man.” He is a top-notch kayaker who has chosen to specialize in river rescue, plus he is a great guy.

Paddlers need to know fast rescues and how to assist fellow paddlers in trouble. Swiftwater Rescue is the art of understanding what can happen during a river trip, why it happens, how to avoid it, what to do WHEN a rescue is necessary, and doing it FAST!

Going along with the concept that the best rescue is the one that never happens, Mike will lead these 2-day hands-on swiftwater rescue worksho

ps in the high energy style for which he is famous.

You’ll work on a variety of topics in an easy to follow progression of skill-building:

  • Safety vs. Rescue
  • Hydrology
  • Rescue Formats and Pre-Planning for when things do go wrong
  • Limiting Rescues to 2 Ropes
  • Simple Rescues
  • Cinch Lines
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Unpinning boats using your brains to help the water wash the boat out
  • Lightning-Fast Contact Rescues
  • Lots of Practice during the running of the classic river-rescue scenarios
  • And dozens of Mike Mather one-liners

River rescue is at best a dry topic, but Mike keeps things light and moving. His innovative techniques are becoming very well-known. He has the respect of the industry and he will no doubt have your respect after this class. You will laugh and learn a lot of tricks that may save a life someday. Check it out at www.MatherRescue.com.

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