1-Day Kayak Class

Lake7Attending the 1-Day Kayak Class lays the foundation for your kayaking career! First time kayakers must take the skill building flatwater practice day first. What we cover in this class sets the groundwork for whitewater kayaking! You’ll learn all about the kayak, all necessary equipment, and the language of kayaking. Safety and good judgment are emphasized at all times.You’ll be fitted with a fine, late-model kayak, and once outfitted with the necessary gear, move with us to the water. There you will learn all the basic skills needed to become proficient. We like to see you practice a lot after a good demonstration and brief explanation of when and where you might use a particular skill. All the while you will be laughing—we try to be as entertaining as possible—we think people learn more that way!Here’s a sampler of a few of the things you will learn:

  • Wet exit
  • Proper posture and balance
  • Bracing Skills
  • How to turn a kayak
  • How to paddle straight
  • Correction or Steering strokes
  • Eskimo Roll

Join first day of 2-Day Kayak School every Saturday May through October
Also can be scheduled for weekdays
$139 + tax

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