About Us

Northeast PA Kayak School specializes in beginner to intermediate whitewater kayak instruction. Our teachers are all accomplished kayakers but each remembers well life as a beginner. You’ll see this empathy every minute of your kayaking class. Owner Jerry McAward and his fine instructional team share their passion for kayaking and river pedigree in a memorable and effective instructional experience that will have you laughing and learning at the same time. With the highest quality equipment and gear, a flexible 7-Day schedule, and a convenient northeastern U.S. location, whitewater kayaking classes have never been more accessible to you.

Jerry McAward is an American Canoe Association ITE (Instructor Trainer Educator) in Whitewater Kayaking. Jerry has been an instructor for years, and an Instructor Trainer since 2001. He is past chairman of the ACA’s River Kayak Committee, a collection of some of the finest minds in the world of kayak instruction. The committee is responsible for development, review, and implementation of ACA courses for regular folks and for those seeking certification as kayaking instructors.

Through Northeast PA Kayak School, in addition to innovative class programming, he runs ACA Instructor Certification Workshops for instructors, including Instructor Trainer Certification Workshops. He has degrees in physical education/exercise physiology and commercial recreation. A kayaker for 31 years, Jerry has led people in outdoor adventures for most of his career and believes strongly in properly introducing new people to the sport of whitewater kayaking.

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“Kayaking is a lifetime sport that one can take to any level of adventure and accomplishment. Our staff instructors for 2014, Doug, Joel, Tim, Tom Storm, Denise, Sonya, Sara, Sean, and Tom B. are smart, funny, super-enthusiastic people.”
– Jerry McAward,  President of Northeast PA Kayak School, Inc.